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Kenneth is an individual and independent musician. Born 1995, Tallinn, Estonia. Kenneth’s musicality and perfect expression of rhythm revealed in his early childhood. He became interested in music independently at the age of 10, when, following the example of his older sister, he deliberately started listening to different artists. At the age of 14, Kenneth joined the professional vocal and dance choir WAF in Estonia. This renowned singing collective and experienced singing teachers laid the foundation for his music career. In 2011, his mother gave him the first ” home studio ” birthday gift. Thanks to which Kenneth has had the opportunity to learn from scratch everything in the making of today’s music. Kenneth’s original artist name was “Wafence”, which he wore inspired to make covers for Eminem and Macklemore. Even today, the influence of these artists can be heard in his music. In 2013, Kenneth’s first single ” Dreaming big ” was released, which received an unexpected amount of radio time on Estonian radio. As a result, the first live offers came and Kenneth met his first manager. In 2014, Kenneth began working with manager Joosep Järvesaar. Together they hosted Kenneth’s first big live with Grind. Grind is the biggest drum and bass event in Estonia. They warmed up to David Guetta concert in famous Song Festival grounds, performed at the largest Estonian summer festival Beach Grind and in Latvia at Positivus Festival. As a result of his hard work, Kenneth brought home the Estonian Hip Hop Award – New Artist of the Year 2014. In the same year, he moved to the United States and during the years he lived there collaborated with various larger and smaller artists. Started in Estonia and continued in America, Kenneth was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Miami Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival and he won an award for “Best Music Video” with “The Morning After”. Today, Kenneth has been writing and producing music for over 10 years. He has over 5 million streams in Spotify and he is back in his native Estonia. For conclusion as Kenneth says… “Never limit yourself and have a vision where you want to get … You just get there.”

DOB: 24/11/1995


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